Offshore prices with nearshore convenience



Pricing Flexibility

Because we service customers across many different industries we are accustomed to pricing our services in different formats to meet our customer's needs:

  • Per agent per hour
  • Monthly lump sum
  • Per call 
  • Per ticket or work order
  • Per sale
  • Per project

If your business requires pricing in a format not listed above, please contact us directly as we will work with you on a pricing format that is right for your business.

Onshore and Nearshore Pricing

For those customers that prefer or require the work to be done onshore we have an onshore facility with competitive pricing.  Our onshore facility is located in Winchester, KY and has the capability to meet your onshore needs.

For those customers that are comfortable with the work being done offshore we offer nearshore services in Belize City, Belize.  These services are significantly cheaper but do not sacrifice quality. With our Belize facility we can offer offshore prices with the convenience of being a short flight from Miami or Houston.  

Price Quote

Please contact us directly to get a free comprehensive price quote.   We strive to offer the best price possible while still providing world class customer service.